Starbucks and Po’s

I’m not exactly a Starbucks person. It’s not because I carry an outstanding grudge against the corporatization of coffee bars or anything like that. For one thing, I drink tea, not coffee, and you can pretty much get decent tea anywhere. But I am amazed by how well they’ve trained millions of Americans to ask for “tall” when they mean “small,” and to use words like “venti.”

Every time I go into a Starbucks and order, I feel silly and usually forget to use the special Starbucks language that others have embraced. The other day I ordered an iced tea, and was flummoxed when I was asked “What kind of tea?” Oh no — were there special, vaguely Italian tea terms I needed to know now? “Ummm…” I said stupidly, until it was clarified, “Black, green or herbal?” Duh. Faked out at Starbucks.

Speaking of food, I noticed there’s a new (locally operated?) cafe, Po’s, where Salt City Roasters used to be. I guess someone will be able to test the hypothesis that Target will be good for business on the Fairmount strip.