Syracuse among top 20 blogging cities

Okay, now this, I can’t believe: According to Scarborough Research (“the leading local market research firm for identifying consumer and retail behaviors in the United States”), Syracuse ranks among the top 20 U.S. cities for percentage of adults who are “blogging.” Their definition of “blogger” is “adult who has read or contributed to a blog within the last 30 days” (a rather loose definition). Syracuse ranks #17 nationally, outranked in New York State only by New York City. According to them, 9% of Syracuse-area adults write, read or comment on blogs.

I think this statistic encompasses all blogs everywhere, not just locally-oriented ones. And I suspect our relatively high proportion of college students has something to do with it. But they don’t say what their methodology was.

Incidentally, the report is quite a come-down for Buffalo, which has a great “blogging infrastructure” – ie, lots of active local blogs – but is ranked dead last. Doesn’t quite make sense.