Syracuse among top 20 blogging cities

Okay, now this, I can’t believe: According to Scarborough Research (“the leading local market research firm for identifying consumer and retail behaviors in the United States”), Syracuse ranks among the top 20 U.S. cities for percentage of adults who are “blogging.” Their definition of “blogger” is “adult who has read or contributed to a blog within the last 30 days” (a rather loose definition). Syracuse ranks #17 nationally, outranked in New York State only by New York City. According to them, 9% of Syracuse-area adults write, read or comment on blogs.

I think this statistic encompasses all blogs everywhere, not just locally-oriented ones. And I suspect our relatively high proportion of college students has something to do with it. But they don’t say what their methodology was.

Incidentally, the report is quite a come-down for Buffalo, which has a great “blogging infrastructure” – ie, lots of active local blogs – but is ranked dead last. Doesn’t quite make sense.

9 thoughts on “Syracuse among top 20 blogging cities

  1. Josh

    This makes a lot of sense to me, actually. Not to toot our own horn, since I do work (and blog) for them, but ranks really really high among newspaper-related Web sites in terms of number and activity of blogs — like in the top 10 in the country (The Houston Chronicle is one of the few that ranks higher).

    And yes, there are lots of blogs written about the Syracuse area (especially sports-related ones) from outside the area, so that definitely boosts our rating.

    Overall, though, I think it shows that CNY is a really active community, with people who are committed to the area.

  2. Phil

    1) The survey only lists 79 markets, so Buffalo isn’t dead last as much as it is lower in the rankings of cities that have higher identified usage.

    2) I second Josh’s point about how the local newspaper’s approach to blogging can promote more participation. and individual reporters are aggressively promoting blogging.

    3) Don’t sell NYCO’s Blog short: a hub around which all local bloggers revolve. You give shout outs to individual bloggers and insightful coverage of local and regional issues like NYRI.

  3. sean

    i agree about buffalo. seems to be an awful lot of energetic blogging out of that town, and the bison city gets kicked enough without an unfair blogging ranking.

    on the other hand, it gets wearisome, with so many of these voodoo-based surveys, to always see syracuse excluded. so on that level this is something to celebrate, and i also think we do have a pretty doggone vibrant blogging community.


  4. Ellen

    Maybe my initial reaction was just more instinctive down-on-Syracuse stuff. I definitely agree about the impact that the paper’s embrace of blogging must be having. Also, the fact that journalists from the paper actually get out and comment on other blogs has got to be unique in the whole country.

    (OSoNY mentioned the Norwich paper… here is their staff blog)

  5. honkcronk

    Doesn’t this go against all the studies that show central NY is in need of better broadband connections?

    Better not use this study to justify more investment in broadband for Central NY……. Albany may not want to invest in even MORE bloggers!

  6. sean

    i would love to say that getting out and commenting on other blogs is some shrewd forward-looking-embrace-the-moment journalistic strategy. bottom line, however, is that we’ve got a lot of like-minded bloggers around here, and i plain and simply enjoy it … and i also draw inspiration and ideas from your blog and many others in “the cny,” as the lost boys of the sudan call our town. it is always reaffirming to remember how many people love it here, people who are simply sick and tired of civic dormancy – and have suggestions for getting the engine started.


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