Acting out

The NYT has a story on all of Spitzer’s “acting” appointees, including “acting” Upstate czar Daniel Gundersen…

Other governors have run into problems with a handful of nominees, said Gerald Benjamin, a professor of political science and a dean at the State University of New York at New Paltz. But the length and extent of the current delayed appointments — reaching into the ranks of even relatively minor jobs — appear to be unprecedented, he said. By the end of his first year in office, George E. Pataki, Mr. Spitzer’s predecessor, had only four nominations pending…

Daniel Gundersen, whom Mr. Spitzer nominated in February to be the state’s economic development commissioner, has had to write in the word “acting” next to the word “commissioner” on every business card he hands out while traveling the state. Assistants must make the same change on all standard contracts, time sheets, grant award letters and other documents that come out of his office and carry his name. “The quirky stuff is for every single document, they have to scan through where it says ‘commissioner’ and white it out or put in ‘acting,’” Mr. Gundersen said. “And there are a lot of contracts.”

Do Bruno and his flunkies really believe that they are gaining more control over New York by pulling these stunts? What they’re doing is de-legitimizing the very political process that gives them whatever shred of legitimacy they have left.

4 thoughts on “Acting out

  1. JS

    unfortunately, i bet bruno does. he can’t seem to separate his ego from anything else.

    so either he thinks what good for him is good for NY, or he doesn’t care.

    either way, he has to go. and spitzer…he’s dropping fast in my book too!

  2. Ellen

    Yeah, like I said before… Dan Gundersen could probably just come up here and proclaim himself King of Kafiristan and nobody in Albany would probably even care. There seems to be such a power vacuum.

  3. Robinia

    Actually, I think what Dan Gunderson does is come to town and tell you all the “key projects” they are going to “facilitate,” and nobody in Albany has any idea where they will get the money, or cares.

  4. JS

    Haha…that just made actually laugh out loud, about Gunderson. I agree, with that…and same with the “facilitation” thing.

    Every time I hear that now, I really wince. That means “do nothing, take credit for whatever you can” in polito-speak.

    These are weird times.

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