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Phil at Racing in the Street has uncovered a handy guide to jargon, explicating many common words such as empowerment, diversity, best practices and grassroots. (May I also suggest solutions, connective and the ever-popular kickoff… not to mention gratuitous italicization of jargony words?)

(While I’m on the subject of ill-considered words — how about penultimate, a word that really has no business ever being introduced into a normal conversation under most circumstances because of its high tendency to being used incorrectly?)

Meanwhile, find out what the word hit means to Syracuse United Neighbors, whose blog now has an updated web address.

Jennifer at Cookin’ in the ‘Cuse recaps last week’s visit to Syracuse by food activists Alice Waters and Judy Wicks.

At his blog, Sean cries out for coffee justice at Wegmans.

Steve, writing at Groovy Green, marvels at today’s college student accommodations. (Bet they get free coffee.)

Alan at GenX at 40 comments on last week’s firing of Syracuse city employees over residency requirements – which is unconstitutional in Canada.

iSaratoga writes about Spitzer and Bruno and how the Sport of Kings is being affected by the Sport of Jokers in Albany. (Also included is commentary on a disgruntled citizen who once dumped a 55-gallon drum of chicken poop in front of the state Court of Appeals. I hadn’t ever heard that story. I do not recommend that course of action for the disgruntled, but thought it worth noting.)

The Other Side of New York is by Loren, a blogger living in an area affected by NYRI who wants to share some of its “best-kept secrets.” Also, she’s got a farm blog, Musings at Windyridge.

CNY Political Insider reports on a Democratic Oneida County clerk who’s defying Spitzer’s plan to give drivers’ licenses to immigrants without Social Security numbers. And on Rochester Turning, a look at how the Monroe County GOP is bringing the xenophobia on the immigration issue.

4 thoughts on “Other people’s blogs

  1. OSoNY

    I reciprocated your mention. I had planned on doing a roundup anyway because the blogs are worth sharing! I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of all the great NY blogs out there.

  2. Frawgy Dawgy

    All this second hand smoke crap is getting on my nerves! Today our local big mall, Carousel Center, banned smoking on it’s grounds. Bar and restaurants did a few years ago…..ATTACK OF THE PC POLICE! uGGH! Sorry folks but I’ve never heard of someone dying directly from second hand smoke; and if you want to get real knit-picky what about the garbage smoke that is released into our air from places like Bristol Myers in Syracuse and thousands of other industrial sites in this country. Why don’t we ever hear about the effect those have on health and how many people have died directly as a result? I suppose that’s not harmful. Bottom line, people have smoked since the beginning of time and always will but policians conveniently demonize it so they can tax the hell out it. By the way, where’s the ACLU on this one?

    Second, what’s up with this rapidly spreading and very deadly strain of staff infection? Pretty creepy if you ask me. I heard on the news it’s been around for 10-15 years and kills more people than AIDS in the US every year…..????(source, a local doctor interviewed in Syracuse..Gilroy I think her name was). If that’s the case why am I just now hearing about this? Whose agenda does it fit to keep it quiet while we hear about AIDS everyday? Kinda weird.

    Last, this treaty being discussed in the Senate, giving the UN control over waterways and the ability to “levy fees”….or should we call it what it is, tax our country. I’ll make a statement here and I believe 99% of America is with me on this…..I AM A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, not some convuluted global community. I have no allegiance to any government other than the United States and I sure as heck hope our politicians feel the same way; OR AT LEAST START ACTING LIKE IT.

    Question of the day: Why was Scooter Libby’s sentence commuted and not our 2 border patrol agents who are in jail for doing their jobs? Can Pres Bush answer that tough question? Folks, you may not always agree with my views, I know the smoking one is not popular; but I really don’t care. I am informed about things and even if a disagreement with my views causes someone to look further beyond the surface level bullcrap we are fed everyday, that’s a good thing in my book.


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