Other people’s newspapers

(A slight variation on “Other People’s Blogs” devoted to newspapers…)

Sunday’s Post-Standard had a very good story about gangs of East Syracuse (or groups of young men who could be thought of as gangs, since some of them say they aren’t that). Maybe the only novelty about this story is that it’s about guys in the inner-ring burbs, and not about the usual gangs from the usual neighborhoods, but I thought it was a good story.

Via BuffaloPundit: the Buffalo News reports on a business development event gone wrong. BP feels that the local chamber of commerce organization should have backed this event all the way. Is there ever a time when a poorly attended development event is something that makes a city look like it’s bad for business, though? Or is every effort always a net positive?

The Elmira Star-Gazette has a story about two Elmira hospitals that are struggling to merge, as ordered by the state’s plan to consolidate health facilities (the one that is also closing down Auburn’s maternity ward). The problem is that one is a Catholic hospital and the other is not.

Also on the Star-Gazette’s website, this summary of national headlines made me do a double take:

It’s two story links, not one!

And another double take on the Webster section of the Rochester D&C (click on the photo gallery of the Webster Public Library story time, a program so popular that they will kick your child out if he/she misses two of them in a row): Is it just me… or is virtually every kid in these photos blonde?

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