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There’s been large reminiscent thread on Syracuse.com about Fairmount Fair, perhaps inspired by the imminent opening of the new Target. (Was there one Dr. Grambow or two?) And Michael’s finally opened last week. I joked with people that I was going to cry when I set foot in there on opening day — the western burbs have never had an art supply store, unless you want to count Walt’s hobby shop. And, with PetSmart being open, I wonder that Fairmount has not had a pet supply store since… gasp… Pets Plants ‘n’ Things?! (emphasis on “things” – i.e., Mr. Vaccaro’s tarantulas)

Locally-owned businesses have been dying for decades on the Fairmount strip (which was once the proud home of Fay’s Drugstore No. 1). There is pleasure in being able to casually stop in after work and make a quick purchase of something you need – and not having to deal with Wal-Mart any more. But it would be a real sign of health if small businesses would come back.

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  1. Steve Balogh

    I was sad to see that Salt City Roasters didn’t make it until the Target opening. I imagine that travelers to FF will want to eat something besides fast food or Tully’s. Hopefully someone will open up a coffee shop with WIFI and good soup and sandwiches. I’ve also been a proponent of a food co-op on this side of town.

    Perhaps the revitalization will spark renewal in the many empty spots in the strip malls opposite FF.

  2. Ellen Post author

    Yes, that was too bad about Salt City Roasters… if only they’d been able to hang on, things might have turned around for them. I hope Hoffmann’s gets more business… every time I’m in there, I wonder how they stay afloat because the place always seems empty, except for the teen employees and their boyfriends/girlfriends hanging around. (It could be I’m just there at off-peak times.)

    I also wonder how the incoming IHOP is going to affect business at another locally-owned restaurant, Nestico’s Too (which is more of a Friendly’s type place, not Italian).

    Historically, it seems the pace of development in Fairmount is very slow, which means small businesses slowly lose their grip and die, but this also has protected the area from soulless excesses. Which is why there are many small spaces remaining that small businesses could fill. And I wonder if some local entrepreneurs could get their acts together and sneak in there before the whole strip gets “chained up.” There are also spaces opening up in the old Fay’s/Eckerd’s Plaza (which really needs a new name) – we lost both the flower shop and the liquor store. Might be a nice place for a coffee shop, since Holy Family is so close by, and the church is still a social focal point in the community. So, I share your hope for a coffee shop – but I read on the Storefront column that it seems Starbucks IS in fact coming to the new Target at some point.

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