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Simon St. Laurent (of Living in Dryden) has come up with fascinating new blog project called Upstate 2050. He’s looking for people to contribute their own creatively written imaginations of what Upstate voices will be saying in 43 years. Simon writes:

Over the past few weeks, thanks to insomnia generated by our local elections, I’ve been writing up various short visions of what Upstate might look like, told from different perspectives. They aren’t usually visions of what I’d like to see, but I’d like to think that they’re all plausible, built on today’s political, economic, and social circumstances. (Maybe our legislators even have something to contribute.) The most important part, though, is that I’m hoping other people might put in their own ideas.

Simon also recently looked at the cost of doing business in New York around 60 years ago.

Sean Kirst writes about upstate’s Seven Wonders – both natural and manmade – based on feedback he’s gotten from the greater Syracuse community. There is a surprise winner.

CNY ecoBlog draws attention to an article about economic development in Buffalo called “The High Road Runs Through the City”.

Stop the Power Lines and Cohocton Wind Watch report on some good news for opponents of the NYRI project. Updated: Er, , make that bad news.

Danger Democrat speculates on what may become of the North Country’s 23rd Congressional District if the Democrats take over both houses of New York’s legislature by 2010.

Democracywise is a new site from two journalism professors at SU’s Newhouse School. Good reading for those looking for more information about New York State and Onondaga County politics.

Lastly, I got very confused when I clicked on BuffaloPundit and heard faint but cheerful music playing out of my speakers. It took me several minutes to realize that BP hadn’t added sitcom-esque background scoring to the site. It’s coming from this old episode of Route 66 that features shots of ancient Buffalo.

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