Other people’s blogs

Danger Democrat writes about the status of an issue we haven’t heard much about in the news — a bill to legalize medical marijuana in New York.

Phil at Still Racing in the Street has some words about Mark Bitz, poster child for dysfunctional-Albany reform, selling his Plainville Farms to corporate.

CNY ecoBlog posts about science journalism and why the mainstream media doesn’t write very intelligently about environmental issues.

Speaking of the environment, SyraJason begins a canoe trip down Onondaga Creek. (Onondaga Creek will be the focus of two weekends’ worth of community cleanup later this month – Sept. 8 and 15.)

The Shadowman has a photoblog focusing on Utica and other locales in New York. (I would like to discover more regional photoblogs like this one…)

Slums Along the Mohawk looks at the possible revitalization of Sharon Springs (a small town between Cooperstown and the Mohawk, if you aren’t familiar). I passed through Sharon Springs earlier this summer and was surprised to see that it was not quite as dead as I had been led to believe. Is there a chance that foreign investors will do for Sharon Springs what Pleasant Rowland did for (or, “to”) Aurora?

Fault Lines compares and contrasts two very different new institutions in the Utica area, one of which is the appallingly named State H@#%$^@land Security Center.

MetaEzra is an interesting read about Cornell University and higher education in general, written by Cornell alums.

Simon at Living in Dryden comments on the Public Policy Institute’s report cards for New York State growth, county by county. You might recall from the recent Post-Standard coverage, that most of Upstate got failing to barely passing “grades.” However, he adds:

Remember, these are the same people who publish upstateblog.net, now apparently renamed “Knickerbocker Blog”. It’s an endless torrent of newspaper cuttings and links with commentary designed to make readers think that all we need to do is cut government, taxes, and regulation, and New York State will burst into productive flame, making everyone rich.

(Snort. I do find Upstateblog.net to be a useful resource for news clippings but I am amazed at their long-standing hammering on the one note, a true feat of sustained assault using the blog medium. And Simon is right: Who died and left the PPI the “experts” on the Upstate economy anyway?)