50th Senate District

Since I’m going away this weekend, a few quick words on news that Tim Green has switched parties (from GOP to Dem) and might challenge John DeFrancisco in the 50th, which is my district… I’m not real sure where that huge swing-voter area of the 50th lies (see map), that would enthusiastically vote for a GOP-to-Dem party switcher. Maybe Skaneateles, where all the money is, and where people will support anyone who looks good and acts nice, without thinking about it too hard. I don’t know. Maybe DeFrancisco should just switch parties himself and kick Green’s butt in a primary, just for sport.

One thought on “50th Senate District

  1. Phil

    Man, I’m in Valesky’s district so I wouldn’t have a vote in a projected Green v. DeFrancisco match-up. I’m a lifelong Democrat and would never pull a Republican lever, so thank god for fusion voting in NYS. It’s usually easy to find a second or third ballot line to vote on. As a Democrat, I couldn’t abide voting for such a right-wing waterhead like Green. This is just another example of Spitzer’s tone-deafness when it comes to upstate politics. Would I want a Democratic State Senate if it meant having a conservative DINO (Democrat In Name Only) dimbulb representing me? That condo in Ottawa is looking better all the time.

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