I Love/Live New York

Could it be? A positive Upstate-related business story that doesn’t seem just like empty branding? JetBlue is offering special $30 fares between NYC and Upstate cities, as part of an “I Love New York” tourism push designed to get people to come Upstate for some R&R.

The Post-Standard this morning pointed out that the “I Love New York” slogan was originally devised for the entire state, but that somehow, it got associated almost exclusively with NYC, which wasn’t the intention. Here’s an AP story with the same gist.

As for the question of how the logo could be altered to remind people it’s not just for NYC, why not just somehow work in the standard iconographic shorthand — city skyline/Niagara Falls?

However, the Spitzer Administration made a nice play on the slogan with their Cortland “I Live NY” summit, which was attended by Robinia, who reports here.

3 thoughts on “I Love/Live New York

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    I wish businesses (and the state) would wise up and offer more deals like this. I recently spoke with a young man from Manhattan, who was desiring to vacation in Upstate but chose Peru instead. After tabulating the costs of a rental car and other transportation expenses, the total of $500 made him gulp. Going to Peru cost him $1,000.

    What a shame. So many New Yorkers who have never seen New York.

  2. honkcronk

    I personally was more interested in flying to JFK for $60 roundtrip. It beats the greyhound bus. The traffic will still funnel to NYC. Have you ever been in a crowded Greyhound bus to Syracuse on a friday night?

    Or Binghamton?

    I would say we need to turn the traffic in the other direction for some other reason. A couple of vacationers that prefer not to rent a car is not going to impact the economy of Syracuse or Binghamton.

    Sorry to be pessimistic — but really, try the Greyhound bus on a friday and you will see where the people are going — out of town.

    And travelling by bus is still not the way to go if you want to have fun.

    Bus travel is still for those who do not mind the unexpected. And for those that can deal with Port Authority building at the other end.

    I guess JFK does not sound that bad…. but airport security for a trip that you can easily drive? Take off you shoes and throw out your carry on shampoo etc? No thanks.

    No, sorry Jet Blue — save the jingle for NYC. If that is all you can do to help us upstate, we say thanks for the little bit of help! Maybe another time people will come this way for a reason.

    We can’t expect a few air flights to fix much.

    The sale is over and the price just doubled.

    Too bad Jet Blue would not consider Binghamton as a place to land. We do not have any service to NYC right now… not on any major carrier. No trains either. Greyhound, and Shortline bus lines are the providers for the people who cannot own or rent a vehicle.

    So, instead of crying over a couple of vacationers who are “forced to choose Peru” why don’t we try to solve the problem of lower class people being unable to get anywhere except by bus?

    No subways, no trains, no planes… that is us here in binghamton. Just cars.

  3. Robinia

    Reinstituting passenger trains between upstate NY cities is the very best idea. Green, what international tourists are used to from back home, and a great way to see the countryside (which is, after all, part of why a city person might head out to the hinterlands).

    We have the technology– heck, we even make those fancy trains they use in Europe and Asia in Hornell in upstate. Just stare down those “special interests” and we could all be riding around to visit each other in comfort and in style, and folks could even rent cars outside the NYC metro area if they wanted to drive for part of their vacation– at a much lower rate than in the city.

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