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Someone please remind me again why New York has such a ridiculously late primary? Overnight, the campaign signs have magically sprouted from people’s lawns like so many mushrooms. It is also amusing to cross the town line from Geddes to Camillus and see the signs instantly change from Ryan vs. Magnarelli, to Mahoney vs. Sweetland. Although I don’t know if they’ve really done their demographic research all that thoroughly because last time I knew, the 4th ward of Camillus (ie the one closest to Geddes) still had quite a few Democrats. (But who knows, it could be I am really the last one left.)

Clearly, this is truly the most important election of our lifetimes (really, it is) and Change CNY is on the case. He writes about the dueling green plans of Sweetland (GOP, for those who haven’t been playing the home game) and Ryan (Democrat), which you can find more about here from the Post-Standard.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t include the obligatory campaign website links for the four of them:

Ed Ryan. His website talks about his job creation strategy, which will have (sic) “three basic tenants.” (Well, downtown Syracuse now has four basic tenants so I don’t really see where that’s an improvement, sorry.)

Dale Sweetland, who has a penchant for leaving little notes and Post-Its all over the place. Don’t forget the milk, honey.

Joanie Mahoney, who has a blog, where she talks about her campaign signs. She really went nuts with the signs on Onondaga Road, I must say.

and Bill Magnarelli may not be down with that there Internets thing, I’m not sure, but I can’t find his campaign website. Here’s Magnarelli’s website. (Thanks, Aaron!)

4 thoughts on “County executive race

  1. Robinia

    NYCO– can you explain for the ignorant why Magnarelli wants to trade in his Albany job for one that is theoretically lower on the political ladder? Is it that those revolving-door anti-lobbying laws don’t apply to ex-Assembly-committee-chairs lobbying their former colleagues on behalf of specific counties? Or, is it just a fatter pay package?

  2. Phil

    It isn’t the pay: he’ll have to stop lawyering while he’s county executive, something not required by the part-time job that is the NYS Legislature. I think a lot of ambitious people want to have control of their work life, rather than be glorified errand boys in Albany. Magnarelli is also a relentlessly local guy: high school on the northside, undergrad and law school at S. U. I think he’s tired of spending so much of his time in Albany, with not much to show for it.

  3. Ellen

    To add to Phil’s explanation:

    “It’s good to be da king.”
    –Mel Brooks, History of the World Part I

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