Miscellaneous observations

• I’m all for Upstate pride and chest-beating, but isn’t the flap over Spitzer not attending Governor’s Day at the Fair maybe a little overblown? (I’m referring to the front-page item in today’s Post-Standard.) Spitzer is going to be on vacation that day. It’s not like he’s not coming at all. Why not just move Governor’s Day to the 29th? (Or will that mess up the vacation plans of all the local pols who want to get photo-opped with him?) What do you think – should he be there?

Hogweed panic in the Southern Tier. This is a good time to pass along a link to the famous Genesis song. Because I don’t think Americans are scared enough.

• I’m somewhat disturbed by the possibility that the former Soviet city of Baku was hipper than Syracuse was, is, or ever will be. (via English Russia)

Creepy letter in the Post-Standard. Questionable behavior breeds questionable newspaper stories, breeding questionable political behavior and questionably printed letters to the editor. Let’s break the cycle.

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous observations

  1. Al Z.

    A good example of why I prefer Peter Gabriel’s Genesis to its later incarnations. Hopefully the NYS Fair will have a hogweed display on hand as well.

  2. Ellen Post author

    Alan: Just make sure you don’t smoke, go shirtless or walk around with beer while you’re here. (Haven’t you heard, those lib’ruls have taken over the Fairgrounds?)

    Oh, and how much you want to bet Joe Bruno is going to show up on Opening Day?

  3. Robinia

    A national look at State Fairs puts things in perspective. Like County Fairs, there has been quite a lot of attrition since the days when more of us farmed and lived in the countryside. In some states, there are very active debates about “privatizing” the operations of the State Fair, and no longer supporting the traditional “socialized Fair-going,” with proponents suggesting that public funds were needed for less festive purposes, like, say, police protection, education or public health.

    Now, when it comes to NYS Government, “because it is traditional and we have always done it that way” is a truly lousy reason to continue along in the status quo. Change is good. And, I happen to be going to the Fair on the 29th, so it works for me, I guess I lucked out. But, basically, yeah, the flap does seem overblown. You think maybe Roger Stone has hired a clacque of 4-Hers or something?

  4. Ellen

    I dunno, I’m kind of on the fence about this now really. I guess I’m showing what conservative tendencies I have, when I say that I’m mildly annoyed at these changes. More at the new Fair management than at Spitzer himself. God knows the Fair needs some changes… but I’m thinking more in terms of PROGRAM CONTENT instead of restrictions on Fairgoers. There is a serious lack of innovation in terms of the same stuff that goes on in the buildings every year… the same dull “parade” at 6 pm every night… no effort to get other parts of the state involved, that sort of thing. I mean, the Erie County Fair is as big, or bigger, than the NYS Fair. That is SAD.

    I think there is a sense of entitlement when it comes to Syracuse and the Fair though; I think that sense of entitlement is historically justified (the State Fair was originally championed by Syracusans), but we’d better communicate that better, or else someone will take it away someday.

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