4 thoughts on “Meat Wars

  1. Taylor Made

    I’ve always wondered about the CNY fetish re: Dino BBQ. The folks on Buffalopundit’s site have it about right excellent BBQ in KC and Memphis…

    I go to a number of meetings in Rochester and there’s a ‘Cuse faction that refuses to go to the Dino in Rochester; instead they get on the Feeway and drive to and fro the “original” Dino.

    Nonetheless, the Buffalo places look nice and I cannot wait to go to some of them — especially since we’re going to be meeting in Buffalo instead of Rochester this year.

  2. Robinia

    YUM! Not meat wars, just a guide to the best BBQ in NY, and beyond. You could package that thread and make it a hip, underground guide to the perfect “smokehouse holiday” tour. Better tell my husband to hide the keys to my new car until I calm down!

  3. sean

    this is one of those issues where i don’t need to feel as if the dinosaur is the best. is the dinosaur derivative? sure. all bbq is. can you find better bbq? sure. this a big country, and bbq is a truly american food, and to say one variety is the best is making a mighty shaky claim.

    but this, to me, is what the dinosaur is: a unique, distinctive idea in an upstate downtown that used creativity and authenicity to bring whole new life to a dull and uninspiring corner of the city … which in itself gives it a far more profound significance than just another rib joint with good chow. that said, the food at the dino is flat-out fine. i’m a chicken diablo platter man, and have been since the days when the place only operated out of the storefront and there was no restaurant in back. that people need to nitpick about the dino not being this or not being that is to miss the point … i don’t think it’s ever claimed to be anything except the dino, and in syracuse and rochester (and even harlem), that’s enough to pack them in.

    the rochester dino, by the way, is in an incredible old rail station that hangs above the genesee river downtown … the crumbling station was rehabbed by max farash, a developer, purely on a whim and as a labor of love in the 1980s, but no one knew exactly what to do with it until dino II came along and moved in.


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