Spitzer saves the world

Wow, this quote from today’s Post-Standard story on Spitzer’s Syracuse visit yesterday speaks volumes about what we’re in for:

Still, despite the recent trips and media blitz, the governor is clear about his desire to return to business as usual and put what he calls “this massive distraction” behind him. As Spitzer told 30 or 40 of his top aides last week: “It’s going to be painful. We’re going to go through a rough patch here where we will be rightly critiqued for having done things that were not acceptable. Our only and best response is to redouble our efforts to save the world.”

So, here we are: On one side, we have people (Bruno et Silver et al) who only want to save their own narrow parochial and personal interests, and on the other side, we have a guy who wants to save the world. Nice! Umm, what about saving New York State, guys? (Personally, I think Spitzer firing some of his own staff would be a good start on saving whatever it is he would like to save. But that’s just me.)

I don’t know about you, but that quote — casual figure of speech or not — makes me want to hide under the bed. And not in a good way. What will be left of this state when the smoke has cleared? Then again, we knew what we were getting into with him, right?

I’m suddenly reminded of a quote from the movie The Big Red One… “The only glory in war is in surviving.”