Enough politics! There’s Giant Hogweed! Here! In Central New York!

Once the call is made to hot line, the severity of the situation is assessed and the callers are referred to their local Cooperative Extension, which will send information about the plant, Chittenden said. When calls are made to the hogweed hot line, the location is recorded in a database, but the office does not have the resources to send caseworkers to the sites to examine the plants, Chittenden said. Homeowners are asked to send in digital photos so that the plant can be positively identified as hogweed by experts.

No hazmat suits? No flamethrowers??!? Oh well, I think that’s top secret procedure so that’s why they’re not talking about it, I’m sure.

This article contains lots of specific information on where to find the stuff in several local counties. Including this chilling bit…

The seeds of the plant are carried by air and water. The Moxleys say they believe that hogweed seeds blew onto their property from a field next to them that appears to be about 10 acres of solid hogweed.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Hogweed!

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    ACK! Another toxic import from Asia!!!

    Jokes aside, have you SEEN this plant? A gardening site says, “A public health hazard, hogweed’s clear, watery sap has toxins that cause photo-dermatitis. Skin contact followed by exposure to sunlight produces painful, burning blisters that may develop into purplish or blackened scars.”

    Of course, this doesn’t sound as bad as what we already endure from Albany, but it just adds insult to injury! We might as well GIVE all our land to NYRI since it is worthless now, anyway!

  2. NYCO Post author

    Oh, I know it’s not funny. It’s a menace to society. I’m deadly serious about hogweed. I intend to hunt and slay at least one in my lifetime, as a test of (wo)manhood and for the good of humanity.

  3. sean

    i’m sure it’s nasty stuff, but it sounds like one of the plants that harry potter and friends use in their potions class. the teacher, i believe, is professor sprout.


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