Newspapers run “Upstate Focus” editorials

Interesting notice in today’s PS:

Today marks the launch of “Upstate Focus,” an editorial project that links newspapers from the Hudson Valley and the Southern Tier through Northern, Central and Western New York. Our goal is to provide readers with a concerted focus on issues of concern to Upstate citizens and taxpayers. We are publishing editorials on an agreed-upon topic on the same day — providing excerpts of each other’s editorials and links to the complete package online. We aim to catch the attention of the governor’s office, state legislators and other policymakers and leaders in a position to improve the quality of life and public policy for all of Upstate.

And here’s the website: Upstate Focus. The papers from Batavia, Binghamton, Buffalo, Elmira, Glens Falls, Rochester, Schenectady and Watertown are also participating. (Too bad no Utica/Rome or Norwich?) Today’s focus is on refund checks for state tax rebates.

I wonder how long it took to put together this project, how often it will happen, and if the Buffalo News will always be the one hosting the links to the editorials, or if this hosting will revolve among the other papers.

This of course is a welcome project. I wrote about the implications of upstate New York’s media fragmentation around this time last year. (In the flight from my old server to the new one, a lot of old posts got left behind. That post and other older ones on media can be found here.)

As for STAR, I don’t understand what this deal is with the staggered mailings of the applications, as mentioned in the Binghamton P&SB’s editorial. Are we to believe that a statewide mailing to every region, at the same time, cannot be coordinated and the applications processed? They certainly are able to process our tax forms and payments en masse every spring.

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  1. Robinia

    Do you suppose that the STAR applications are staggered in order to properly keep the “buzz” about getting a check from NYS active over a longer portion of the pre-election season?

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