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The New York Times’ state politics blog, Empire Zone, will be minimized, downsized and folded into their new blog, City Room. (Why am I not surprised.)

Nevertheless, real people from NYC are seeing the real upstate NY for themselves, as posted on a real blog such as Daily Gotham.

Are you looking for the kind of ear-to-the-ground local campaign talk of the sort that you usually can’t find here? Try Change CNY.

This might be of interest to this site’s rural readers… There is an interesting collection of blogs, sort of a grab bag of national rural issues, at Daily Yonder.

Rochester Turning exults in Wegmans’ reusable shopping bags. I had a similar reaction a few months ago, but must guiltily admit that I tend to forget to bring the bags with me shopping. (They make spectacular food totes for camping trips, though.) I don’t see a whole lot of shoppers using them in Fairmount, but maybe I’m just not noticing.

This just in: RomeHater has found something to like about Rome.

Simon at Living in Dryden reports on blackcap season. Which is just about over up here in these parts – I give it maybe another week max. There was some kind of icky frost damage to a lot of the usual blackberry spots this year; I wonder if it was from all the deep snow. The local berries were not happy this summer.

(Look! At this delicious salad!)

Included for no other reason than that I found it amusing: CNY Snakepit’s description of intercontinental travel in the old days.

And, just because I haven’t posted any canal-related stuff all summer long, here is a gratuitous Erie Canal-related post from New York Traveler.

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