Can this state be saved?

Thought I would pass along this timely op-ed (in light of the bloodletting going on in Albany these days) from Brendan Scott of the Times Herald-Record: This state still needs saving:

The state Capitol is a timeless place, steeped in etiquette and tradition. Its natural state is one of inertia. It does not easily digest change, even when force-fed by a governor’s office that many civics experts consider the most powerful in the nation. Eliot Spitzer, also, hasn’t done himself any favors in his effort to live up to his perhaps-too-successful campaign slogan. He’s pushed too hard, picked too many fights and, at times, folded too soon. Indeed, during the first six months of Spitzer, I’ve often wondered, “Can anyone save this state?”

A brief, five-point plan is offered.