Spitzer’s bloody nose

Hm, that Bruno-Spitzer spat is drawing some blood. What an odd story about Spitzer in the NYT. Also, the national media has started covering it — cable news and everything. Moving beyond the Manhattan/Albany media snakepit, here’s an editorial from the Times Herald Record that shows the view from the peanut gallery, and it isn’t entirely favorable for him.

But in a way, it’s not odd. It’s almost inevitable that Spitzer, in order to be the uber-governor we all expect, has to get bloodied first — I mean, really bloodied. (Remember, he was a failure the first time he ran for attorney general.) And really, coming to grips with Bruno — hardly senile, but still a desperate old bird — is nothing compared to what awaits him in a showdown with Silver. (Surely, Shelly “the Silent One” must be enjoying having Joe do the work for him…)

To be fair to Spitzer here, take a look at the sort of headlines the Post is running over Dicker’s stories. Really shameless.