Big steaming plate of…

…bad demographic news:

Lost generation: Why thousands of young people are fleeing our region

New Yorkers nervous about economy

Half of upstate residents believed the state economy worsened over the past year, while only 9 percent thought it had improved. Downstate, 27 percent of residents thought the economy had improved, while only 39 percent said it was worse. Meanwhile, 34 percent of New Yorkers expected the state economy to improve during the next year, up from about 23 percent in 2006 and the most optimistic outlook uncovered by the poll during its five years.

The optimism was greater downstate (39 percent) than upstate (26 percent) and is likely a carry over from a new governor taking office, [study director Yasamin] Miller said. Downstate residents may have been buoyed because that region has seen more of an economic resurgence than upstate, she said.

Gee, ya think??

One thought on “Big steaming plate of…

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    To add salt to the wound, the first story says:

    “This is why New York’s first lady, Silda Wall Spitzer, is hosting a summit Sept. 18 called the Brain Drain Initiative to figure out how to keep young adults here.

    The question she may first need to confront is this: Is it too late?”

    Holy cow! If they have to have a summit to “figure out how” then, by golly, YES, it’s too late!!

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