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Other people’s blogs

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last installment; too long. Let’s see… what happened?

York Staters sent a signal from the great beyond after an ominous two-month silence. See here for a welcome explanation.

Simon at Living in Dryden got married – congratulations to him and his new bride! He’s now returned to blogging.

BuffaloPundit got a complete facelift, and is now part of, which I think it always was, but I’m not sure. I like the color scheme, but miss the Buffaloey look of the previous design.

Steve at Clean Up Syracuse passes along this short film about urban cowboys and suggests that Syracuse needs the same. Somewhat more involved than Litter Ninjas but you get the picture. (Like I said a couple weeks ago — it’s good to see Forty Belowers stripping their shirts off. Ahem.)

A meaty post from Roch-a-Cha Rant about school bus services (or lack thereof) for Rochester city students. He touches on a teen brawl at the city center and asks what people are really buying with the dollars they think they’re saving by getting rid of yellow buses for all. (Teen brawls downtown have recently become a sore subject in Syracuse as well.)

Lastly… I keep coming back to this blog and am mightily impressed by the way it just keeps going and going: The Invisible Flood Blog. Lest we forget… we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the Great Upstate Flood of 2006. If I was giving out blogging awards I would definitely consider this one for its topicality, informative value, and persistence.

Gundersen in the dock

Well, not in the dock … but c’mon, they’re just now getting around to confirming the guy?

Daniel Gundersen is set to be confirmed this week as the state’s Commissioner of Economic Development, along with Patrick Foye, his downstate counterpart and Director of the Urban Development Corp… Republicans may have been offering up some payback for the criticism and controversy that New York’s economic development efforts drew during the 12 years in which Spitzer’s predecessor, George Pataki, was in power. For example, questions by Republican Senators like John Flanagan of Northport, focused on the alphabet soup of agencies, authorities and commissions that purport to do economic development in New York. “I’m still trying to figure out what job you actually have,’’ Flanagan asked Gundersen at one point.

He’s the Upstate Czar. You know, Upstate… come up and visit it sometime.

Updated: Do you think it’s unseemly for Gundersen to be currently residing in Saratoga Springs, instead of Buffalo or someplace else in the region?

Personally I wonder if it was a mistake to promise a Buffalocentricity for his work, when there of course is a whole upstate region that is also suffering, and which Buffalo has little to do with. Frankly, Gundersen should have been based in Syracuse, if he had to be based somewhere that was in the Appalachia Zone and not so far from Albany. You know, Syracuse — two hours from everything. Location, location, location.

Updated again: Lest we forget the fragmented nature of the entire state, it’s not just Upstate that is complaining about this stuff: Gundersen’s and Foye’s confirmations are cause for Long Islanders to commence whining as well (I guess the perception is that Foye isn’t going to help them).