Thunder in the east

Not exactly Drums Along the Mohawk, but just a little farther down the Thruway.

Lawmakers Call Governor to Task on His Plan to Rejuvenate Upstate

The Republican-led Senate, which is dominated by upstate lawmakers, is holding up approval of the governor’s top economic development nominees amid a growing feud. Among other things, they are upset that the governor’s new upstate economic policy director, Daniel Gundersen, has chosen to live in Saratoga Springs, one of the rare thriving locales upstate, instead of Buffalo or other points west. Tensions flared anew on Tuesday as Mr. Spitzer, a Democrat, visited this resort town [Bolton Landing] on Lake George to deliver a withering assessment, with a PowerPoint presentation, of the Senate’s recalcitrance.

What a mess. But I have to admit I am fascinated by the geography of all this. It means nothing, and yet it means everything in this crazy fragmented Empire State of ours, or else people of good conscience would not have felt genuinely irked by Dan Gundersen’s chosen place of residence. Saratoga Springs… now, Bolton Landing. Why is Eliot hurling thunderbolts at Joe from safely behind the other side of the Northway?

Updated: Okay, I didn’t realize Eliot was on a tour. Apparently he will be here in Syracuse today hurling thunderbolts as well.